Creating fun


We strive to create works that makes everyone smile.
Toydium is a place where people with this goal come together.


  • 2021/10/15Company information updated
  • 2021/08/02Company information updated
  • 2021/03/01Company information updated
  • 2020/12/21Company headquarter is moved
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Game development operations

Smartphone and Steam original game development

Third party game development

Smartphone and console game development, planning, and operation for third parties


CEO Yudai Nagano

Started their career as a web designer and shifted into a software engineer.
Involved in development of games for smartphones and feature phones in startups.
Joined GREE, Inc. in 2015.
Engaged in native game app development and promoted to management in 2016.
Promoted to development department senior manager in 2018.
Established Toydium in 2019.

CTOKoji Kakizawa

Graduated from Utsunomiya University and started their career as a hardware engineer.
After a stint as a firmware enginner, joined GREE as a software engineer in 2012.
Assumed the role of CTO of Toydium in 2020.


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Name Toydium Inc.
Address 5F Assorty Suehirocho, 5-2-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Exectives CEO / Yudai Nagano
CTO / Koji Kakizawa
Director / Yuta Araki
Business Details Game development operations
Establishment 7th August, 2019
Capital ¥16,000,000
Number of employees 30 as of October 2021
TEL (+81)3-6284-4426
Accounting advisor Soogol
Legal adviser Verybest LPC
Labor and Social security attorney Spot Sharoushi-kun
Main banks Mizuho Bank Akihabara branch
Tokyo City Shinkin Bank Akihabara branch
Kosan Shinkin Bank Akihabara branch
PayPay Bank Corporation
Information Security policy